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Nichole Treadway

I am a mobile engineer with over 10 years of professional experience. Currently, I'm an engineering manager at Tinder, working with an amazing team of iOS and Android engineers on the User Growth team, building features that help new Tinder users put their best foot forward. Before transitioning to management, I was an iOS engineer at Tinder, working on a variety of new features and experiences.

Before Tinder, I worked at Goodreads (an Amazon subsidiary), leading the iOS team. As a life-long book lover, it was amazing to work on a product that combined my love of engineering and reading.

Before Goodreads, I was a Ruby/Rails developer at LivingSocial, building internal tools and dashboards for the Data Engineering team.

In 2010, I graduated from MIT with a degree in Computer Science.

Recently I've started to dabble in front-end technologies again, learning React, Node, and Gatsby (what this site was built with).

Originally from the East Coast, I currently live in the Bay Area.

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